Join us for Church in the parks

Click on the attached video and join us for the message of the day . As you join us for church, please share what God is doing with others.

There are 1.3 million full time RV'ers ,if you would like and God leads you we would invite you to be park of what God is doing through RV Church Life, by inviting campers where you are to your camper for RV Church. After shareing what God is doing in yourlife, maybe singing a song or 2, share our message. May the Lord bless

Pay your taxes and give your all to christ

Jesus takes a question on the most divisive issues of the day and turns it into a lesson on ownership.     Luke 20:20-26 (6-16-19 St Andrews SP) 

The Wicked vine-dresser

The Lord blessed today, moved the rain and moved on 44 to attend RV Church Life in a very powerful way. Stay tuned for How Great Thou Art in English and Russian. (6-9-19) St Andrews State Park

the parable of two sons

When people question God and His Word, they fail the opportunity to have a strong relationship with Him. (6-2-19) Matthew 21:23-32, St Andrews SP Panama City Beach, Fl  

My House, The house of prayer

Do we do church as God would have us do it today? Find out from Matthew 21:12-22 by clicking on the attached icon and joining us for RV Church Life 5-26-19 at St Andrews State Park 

Jesus weeps over Jerusalem

Luke 19:41-44 Jesus weeps over the City of Peace.      5-19-19 St Andrews State Park 

The Stones Will Cry Out

Mothers Day Sunday  (5-12-19) at St Andrews State Park we realize we are Blessed as a storm was coming in on us and we looked at Luke 19:28-44. We praise Him for all He has done, so the stones wont. 

The Lord Has Need of Them

As Jesus prepares for His Triumphant Entry He uses 3 people and 2 Donkeys to teach us about ourselves and and our relationship with Him. Matthew 21:1-11 

At St Andrews State Park , 5-5-2019

gifts that honor god

Jesus receives a gift from Merry that after 2,000 years leads us in understanding what gifts truly honor God. John 12:1-10, Three Rivers SP, 10-7-18  

To be great

Like James and John many want to be graet and sit on a throne, Jesus gives us instructions on what greatness looks like in Matthew 20:17-28. 9-23-18, Three Rivers SP

Jesus practices what he preaches

After telling His disciples about being servants to others and God, Jesus shows what it looks like and gives a parable on the blessings of serving. Luke 18:35-19:27, Three Rivers SP 9-30-18


 Before Jesus raised Jesus from Lazarus from the dead for the Glory of God and The Son (John 11:4) Jesus met the need of Martha to know He was in control and Mary that He truly cared. That you may believe (John 11:15

The Shepherd knows His sheep

Jesus says the Shepherd knows His Sheep and His sheep know thier Shepherd and obey. Do you? John 10:22-42, 9-9-18 Three Rivers SP

With God, All things are possible

With us many things are impossible such as a camel going through the eye of needle or a rich man getting into the kingdom of God, but Jesus says "with God all things are possible"  Matthew 19:16-30, 8-26-18, St Andrews SP 

God's Plan For Marriage

In the Beginning God created marriage. Learn His plan from Matthew 19:1-15, St Andrews State Park, Panama City Beach Fl. 8-19-18

The Pharisee and Tax Collector Parable

 Jesus used a parable of a Pharisee and a Tax Collector to teach us how we should approach our Loving Savior in prayer, like a child.   Luke 18:9-14  St Andrews SP, 8-12-18

The Persistent Widow Parable

Allow the words of Jesus from Luke 18:1-8 encourage you in your prayer life. St Andrews SP 8-5-18

The Coming of the kingdom

Times were exciting as Jesus approached Jerusalem, as we should be today as we learn more of His coming Kingdom. Luke 17:20-37. 7-29-18; St Andrews State Park 

Ten Lepers Cleansed

From the healing of the 10 Lepers of Luke 17:11-19 we learn so much about Faith, Obedience, sin, praise and true worship 7-22-18 St Andrews SP

Guidelines for Disciples

Jesus gave us guidelines for being His disciples. Matthew 18:15-35; Luke 17:1-10. Forgiveness and Servant hood. St Andrews SP