Join us for Church in the parks

Click on the attached video and join us for the message of the day . As you join us for church, please share what God is doing with others.

There are 1.3 million full time RV'ers ,if you would like and God leads you we would invite you to be park of what God is doing through RV Church Life, by inviting campers where you are to your camper for RV Church. After shareing what God is doing in yourlife, maybe singing a song or 2, share our message. May the Lord bless

god's love story

1-19-20 is set aside as Sanctity of Life Sunday, please join us for this message of Love at Poplar Springs Baptist Church

jesus prays for you

In John 17, John shares with us the longest recorded prayer,  In this powerful  Jesus prays us and the Lord leads us to worship in such a powerful way. 1-12-20 Poplar Springs Baptist Church

We have a helper

Though the Christian is experiencing persecution abroad and here at home as  America has crossed the line of "Separation of Church and State" Jesus encourages and strengthens us by sending us a helper (The Holy Spirit) 1-5-20

What if he had not come?

The Lord blessed Sunday at Poplar Springs (12-22-19) as Jesus in John 15:22 tells us about the day in which we live. 

what a friend

One of the most wonderful scriptures in the Bible spoken from Jesus to His Disciples. John 15:9-17. Poplar Springs Baptist Church 12-15-19

He is the true vine

The Lord truly anointed the preaching of this message from John 14:25-15:17, Poplar Springs Baptist Church, Graceville Fl. 12-8-19

words for troubled hearts

In John 14:1-24 Jesus is preparing His Disciples and us for the for what He has for us in the future. 12-1-19 At Poplar Springs Baptist Church, Graceville Fl. 

Cure For beiAnxious

Join us for a portion of the message the Lord gave us for the Church that meets at Poplar Springs Baptist Church. 11-24-19  Philippians 4:6-7; Malachi 3:10 

A New Commandment

People have many ways to describe what they think a Christian should be or look like.  But Jesus says there is only one way. John 13:31-38 Three Rivers SP 10-6-19

Jesus is Lord and servant

The disciples have just had a argument over which of them was the greatest. Jesus knowing their hearts were dirty with pride as their feet were with dirt, Jesus puts on a towel and washes their feet. John 13:1-17 Three Rivers 9-29-19

his last supper

I pray you are blessed as you listen to this message as I was as I preached, just thinking that Jesus is looking forward to us joining Him for supper is very exciting. (Sorry about the popping, hopefully we can clean that up next week) Luke 22:14-30, 9-22-19 Three Rivers SP

Preparation for the Passover

While Jesus is planning the Passover with His Disciples, the wicked around Him are plotting His death. From His words we learn that He lives the life He teaches and so can we. 9-15-19 Three Rivers SP

anointing and betrayal

Two days before the Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread evil begin to plot His death and influence His disciples while true followers worship and anoint Him for what is next. 9-8-19 Three Rivers SP 

i must be lifted up

Our Lord, Jesus, gives us a great message and challenge to the Church from John 12:20-50. Plus its one of the shortest messages I ever preached because storm clouds and high winds were beginning to surround us. 8-18-19 St Andrews SP, PCB FL   

Talents to be used to bring glory to god

Jesus closes His message on Mt Olive with the Parable of the Talents to challenge and encourage us to be mindful of the responsibilities and blessings the Lord has entrusted us with, with wish we can bring glory to Him. 8-11-19 St Andrews SP 

he that shall come will come

In Matthew 24:36-46, Mark 13:32-27 and Luke 21:34-38 continues announcement  / Promise to return and redeem His Bride. 8-4-19 St Andrews SP, PCB, Fl. 

before christ returns

In Matthew 24:1-35; Mark 13:1-31; Luke 21:5-33 Jesus answers two question from the disciples: 1. When will the Temple be destroyed?; 2. When will He return? And announces how our days will be. 6-28-19 St Andrews SP 

all she had

From Matthew 23; Mark 12:38-44 and Luke 20:45-21:4 Jesus shows us what loving God with all your heart, mind and strength actually looks like. 7-14-19 St Andrews St Park  

the greatest commandment

From an entrapping question, Jesus teaches us one of the simplest lessons on our relationship with Him, yet one of the hardest for us to receive and obey. Matthew 22:34-46; Mark 12:28-37; Luke 20:41-44. St Andrews State Park 7-7-19